Monday, 22 June 2015


Beginning with a super chilled morning and lunch by the pool we enjoyed a quick pizza and got back to sunbathing amongst sunshine and breezes. I can't even explain how idyllic the views were across the bay and I enjoyed the peace more than any 20 year old should (granny at heart). 

After an early dinner, we made our way to a nearby walking trail to try and catch the sunset. Not only was it a lot longer than the Thomson guide had implied, but temperatures were still in the high 20s and we could feel it! There were stunning views from all sides of the mountain, across vast sheets of sea, fields and trees and it was impossible not to take photos at every opportunity, sorry in advance..

Caught in the act! Following the walk we had a stroll into town and tried and tested some delicious cocktails in Pirate Bar, may have been guilty of a hangover the next day.

Items worn: Bikini top: Topshop | Bikini bottoms: H&M | Body chain: ASOS | Dress: Zara | Necklace: Smash Glam* | Trainers: H&M | Bag: Forever 21

Photos taken on iPhone 6 and swim shoot taken on Nikon.