Sunday, 31 August 2014

OOTD: knit x lace

Jumper: Primark | Skirt: Topshop | Clutch: Primark | Heels: Missguided

Just a quick post today but I thought I'd share another transitional kind of outfit that I'm loving recently. A nice oversized warm knit over a cute skater skirt  or any kind of mini skirt. It's super easy and looks well put together without having to put in much effort. The potential coldness of having your legs out is balanced by the warmth of a cosy jumper and it starts to get you ready for the colder months. Also looks cute with some sliders or converse!

I have no money at the moment having worked unpaid all Summer and spent what was left of this year's savings so I'm wearing an old skirt and a jumper I picked up in a Primark sale a few months ago for £3 so it definitely doesn't require buying new pieces. Just have a root through your wardrobes and find bits and bobs that work well together! It's all about making the most of what you've got. I need to somehow find the money to buy Zara's oversized knits before they go out of stock though :'( 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

COLLABORATION: olivia palermo X Aquazzura

Olivia Palermo is a style icon in most people's eyes and having previously collaborated with other designers on sunglasses and jewellery she's recently taken the plunge into a 12-piece capsule shoe collection for Aquazzura. They're the perfect match and her elegant designs effortlessly fit into the Aquazzura vibe.There's a beautiful mixture or pointed court shoes, luxe knee-high boots and strappy gladiator style heels. My favourites have got to be the snakeskin lace up heeled sandals! Which pair takes your fancy? They are going to be available at Aquazzura and Net-a-Porter from September, however, with prices from £395 they're merely a dream!

And how gorgeous does she look in these photos?!

Photos from Aquazurra

Friday, 22 August 2014

OOTD: that Topshop cape!

Cape: Topshop | T-shirt: Forever 21 | Jeans: River Island | Sunglasses: ASOS
Shoes: Just Fab | Jewellery: JJDR House of Bijoux

Ah.. I'm so excited to share these photos with you! Not only is it my first transitional Autumn outfit but it features this absolutely amazing Topshop cape which I'm sure you're going to see a lot of! 

I don't even know where to start with this cape. As soon as I saw it on Topshop's new in I knew I was going to have to buy it. It instantly screamed Burberry to me and as they are sadly way way way out of my budget, this £35 cape seemed like the best alternative. If you haven't seen the Burberry capes then you're missing out.. they're so perfect- and Olivia Palermo (style icon!!) has her own personalised one! I was super excited when this arrived and completely fell in love with the colours as I unwrapped it. To some people it might look like a weird blanket with ugly browns but in reality it is a super soft (not itchy like you'd think)  and a really autumnal piece. Yes, you could still use it as a blanket though, it's huge! The colours are a mixture of browns, greens, camels, navys and generally really great neutral but still rich shades. The reverse of it looks just as fab too! The cape only comes in one size because it's designed to pretty much fit anybody, on me it's pretty huge but not in a ridiculous way. Just in a slightly oversized and cosy way. It completely fits in with my AW14 colour palette, shown in this post, and is going to be so perfect for going into uni and slouching around the house. I feel like with the heels it looks quite glam too, so could really be dressed up. As it is still technically Summer, I kept the outfit fairly bright by wearing white jeans and heels. This kept it fresh and stopped me looking like I was quite so eager for Autumn. It is the perfect transitional piece though as it works now but will look equally as fab styled with darker jeans and accessories. Also, one of my fave colours for this Autumn is the camel/brown tones so I was super happy to find this soft slouchy tee in Forever 21 as it will be great for layering up and still works now. To add a little more edge I paired everything with these gladiator studded heels which are really comfy. I bought them from Just Fab while they had an offer for first pair for £9.75 so I bagged them for under £10, what a deal!! The studding makes them different to a lot of the gladiator shoes I'm seeing at the moment and also hardens the outfit a little. I really want some kind of lace up/gladiator-y heels too at the mo (great description) but I just feel like as most of them don't have any platform they'll be really hard to walk in and really uncomfortable. I don't know, if any of you have this kind of shoe what do you think? 

So, a bit of a ramble I know but I had to convey my serious excitement for this cape and the next season in general. What do you think of the cape? I think it's going to be a massive hit! (this is my favourite outfit I've posted so far)

Thank you for reading!!

Sunday, 17 August 2014


First off, apologies for the poor quality of the photos, the weather was so awful outside and it was super dark inside! But give me a woop woop for finally getting a different post up. It was about time I changed it up and having worn shirts a lot recently for the smart casj look this was the perfect opportunity to share how I wear the shirt in different ways and on different occasions.

 1~ Wearing Boyfriend's gingham shirt | Topshop Bralet | American Apparel riding pants | Topshop boots

I styled an oversized gingham shirt undone over the top of a pretty lace bralet and high waisted riding pants. It shows off a bit of skin but keeps your modesty in check through layering. The shirt could be worn normally or tied round the waist for a casual look.

 2~ Wearing Boyfriend's gingham shirt | Primark duster jacket | River Island jeans | Primark sliders

I buttoned the shirt up and tucked one half in for a more contemporary look and to show the high waisted jeans. I layered it with a black duster coat to create a smart casual vibe and kept to the monochrome theme with black and white snakeskin sliders.

3~ Wearing ASOS shirt | ASOS skirt | Missguided heels | New Look belt

This look is more glam for a work event or a smarter occasion. It created a cute school girl vibe from the pleated full skirt and the bright pop of colour paired with your average white shirt, slightly unbuttoned. The strappy heels keep it chic and dressy but a pair of loafers would dress it down for daytime.

 4~ Wearing ASOS shirt | New Look culottes | Primark sliders

The culotte and shirt combo is perfect for a day at work styled with simple sliders for daytime or a blazer and heels for night. The shirt would also look great untucked for a more casual take on the outfit.

 5~ Wearing H&M shirt | Miss Selfridge jacket | Primark jeans | Converse trainers

Ripped jeans and converse create a super casual vibe for an everyday look with an oversized white cotton shirt. Keep the top buttons undone to show a small amount of cleavage and to keep it perfect for daytime. Update it with heels and some gold accessories for evening.

 6~ Wearing H&M shirt | FivePoundTee sweatshirt* | Primark sliders

A long sweatshirt over a shirt is ideal for a comfy day at home or running errands and add some cute denim shorts if you're a bit worried about the sweatshirt riding up. Keep the collar over the top and turn up the sleeves outside the jumper and ideally wear a shirt long enough to hang out the bottom.

A blue shirt and blue jeans are so easy to wear for work, everyday and great for evening drinks too. Tuck half the shirt in and wear minimal jewellery and accessories to nail the simplicity. Add some colour with your shoes!

Tieing the front of the shirt together can relax an outfit. i paired it here with some sporty white shorts and converse to achieve a sports luxe vibe.

Let me know what you think of the looks and the post in general! I hope you liked it.
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

OOTD: everyday casual

Jumper: H&M | Bralet: Topshop | Bag: Primark | Shorts: Topshop | Belt: Primark | Shoes: Converse

Just a little post today on an everyday casual outfit. I've mainly been focusing on 'going out' things and going slightly more dressy but I'm going to try and blog my more casual outfits too. I bought this jumper from H&M for £14.99 which I thought was pretty good for a jumper and it seemed like the perfect transitional piece. It's a loose knit so nothing too warm making it great for Summer evenings (and the cold morning commute) but it'll also be great going into Autumn for layering up with other pieces. It's a lovely sandy colour so goes with absolutely everything and it's really comfortable. The only downside is it keeps catching on everything, maybe I just need to be more careful. I wore it with DIY ripped shorts and my fringed bag. Underneath I also wore my Topshop lace black bralet as I think it's the perfect piece for under slightly see through jumpers or sheer tops but it's not going to make you sweat. I recently bought some Converse as I actually sold all of mine a few months back and found myself needing a more dainty trainer. These are the 'dainty' converse which have a much thinner sole so don't make my feet look as big. This makes them perfect for wearing with skirts and shorts as well as trousers. They are taking a while to wear in but hopefully I'll be able to stop wearing blister plasters soon!

Next to come will hopefully be a post on how to style shirts- something a bit different from my usual!

Sunday, 10 August 2014



Jumper: Isabel Marant | Cami: H&M | Coat: Topshop | Jeans: Topshop | Scarf: Zara | Loafers: J. Crew | Boots: River Island

Today's post is basically a run through of the colour and texture trends I'm most looking forward to for this Autumn/Winter and a little wish list to show it all together. In recent seasons, I've found that I really have no structure to my wardrobe or any reasoning for my purchases and I just kind of spend on any random items I like and then find soon after that they are impossible to style with what I have/ I just don't wear them. As a student, it is pretty tight on the money front so for AW14 I've planned to buy my core wardrobe pieces in a specific set of colours that work together and hopefully everything will be much more  versatile. I am also loving the norm core/minimal trend and kind of want to stay away from too many patterns and keep everything super simple. My fave combo at the moment is literally just a baggy t shirt, skinny jeans and sliders/trainers. Comfort is definitely winning!

The colours that I want to work with for AW14 are the greys, khakis, camels and rusty reds/browns, as well as the always fashionable black and white. I feel that all of these colours will style really beautifully together and hopefully my wardrobe will develop into a more simple and coordinated set of clothes which I can then add to with a few more interesting pieces. I am also really looking forward to some of the textures that seem to be looking super popular for next season. My favourite probably has to be pony skin (faux). It just looks so sleek and chic and is perfect for accessories. I've seen a lot of it on skater shoes and boots as well as some gorgeous clutches (I'm looking at you ASOS). I can't wait to cosy up in fur again too. I have to say I get so much use out of my fur coat because it honestly is so warm and soft, maybe I'll have to invest in another one. The other texture looking big for AW14 mainly for coats and jackets is shearling. It's been so popular in the designer shows and I know the highstreet will be pulling out all the stops to produce some gorgeous shearling jackets (although one Topshop coat is £595.. woah). In terms of textures for clothes, I reckon the fur/ fluffiness will transfer to everyday items too. I also plan to invest in some beautiful pleated items, like the cami above and perhaps a chiffon skirt to wear with oversized jumpers. Which leads me onto the next thing, I'll be staying away from anything too fitted on top. I'm going through a phase where I'm fed up of boobs and so baggy t shirts and slinky camis make me feel less disproportionate. To transition into A/W this means oversized jumpers like the Isabel Marant one above which have a masculine vibe but still look so cool. This year I'm finally going to invest in some big polo neck knits, I've already seen some great ones in Zara. In terms of styles of coats, I'm feeling oversized long/duster coats and cropped fur jackets and of course the trusty leather (or faux leather) jacket. The ripped jean is also here to stay so after my DIY fail on an old pair of black jeans I think I may have to invest in a good pair of ripped skinnys and where better to look than Topshop?! Footwear in Winter is difficult because I love a loafer but sometimes it's just too cold to have the feet out so the best alternative is the boot. I plan on buying some with a bit of platform so I still get some extra height but get the comfort too.. something which I find pretty hard to find in footwear. I am loving all the metallic and shiny silver shoes that seem to be arriving, they look so chic and will go with anything and look great on a pair of loafers, check out Office for some in the sale! Finally, as a girl who really feels the cold, I mean seriously, I need a really warm scarf and Zara are offering up the perfect solution. Their scarves are like blankets, they're so big and cosy and I tried this rust one on recently (unfortunately can't yet afford to buy it :-() and I knew I had to have it- so soft and warm. Asos are also offering some big blanket like scarves if you don't have a Zara nearby. 

Hopefully I've kind of explained some AW14 trends and you've enjoyed this post despite it being so different from the usual and a bit of an essay! Are there any other trends that you are really looking forward to? I never usually feel like this, but I can't wait to buy my Autumn clothes!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

OOTD: red label

 Co-ord: Red Label* | Shoes: Missguided | Bag: Primark

Another pretty simple outfit which didn't need much styling. This Red Label co ord is an amazing bright orange and the print is so bold I felt like if I added any jewellery or bold accessories it would completely over complicated. I kept it super simple for that reason and just paired it with a black clutch and black strappy heels (surprise surprise). I feel like both the top and skirt are both so beautiful they could be styled up with so many other pieces for more casual outfits with a pair of jeans or with a glam crop top. Together they are definitely eye-catching, maybe a bit too much for some people but I think for a night out it's great. It feels almost crepe like in texture and is really stretchy so isn't too figure hugging but is still fitted. The top has white cord straps, similar to that on a Missguided top I have and I actually really love this style of straps and find it flattering. As I lack a long torso (or long legs) the top and skirt tended to overlap at the back which makes it almost look like a dress but on somebody with a bit more height than me (5"3) it would fit perfectly! I also kept hair and makeup pretty simple too as the co ord completely does the talking. What do you think of it? Check out Red Label for more pretty coords and other lovely bits if you like this. I've got my eye on this gorgeous printed dress...

I also feel like the blog is getting a bit samey/too much personal style posts and not enough of anything else. I want it to primarily be about my personal style but maybe I should do some more wish lists, info on trends, recent catwalk styles, my course/internship and even just '5 ways to ...' type things. Let me know what kind of thing you'd like to see so I can mix it up a bit and keep you all interested!