Tuesday, 29 July 2014

REVIEW: triangl swimwear

I could not contain my excitement when I received an email from Emma from the Triangl team offering me a free bikini with 'no strings attached'. I'd watched so many girls post their stunning bikinis and underwear on Instagram and couldn't help but feel envious, so when my time came I thought I knew exactly which bikini I wanted. But when you actually sit down and take a good look at all of the bikinis, the decision becomes so much harder... they're all so beautiful. It's easy to understand why the brand have become so popular. The colours are exquisite, especially with your holiday tan, the distinct Triangl black edging makes them a stand out piece and the scuba neoprene material ensures the bikini is super flattering. 

After much deliberation I decided that either the CHLOE or INDY style would be most suitable for my body as although the OLLIE mesh style tops were a strong contender, the sizing info informed me that these weren't so supportive and weren't adjustable. That then left me deciding which colour. As much as I love all of them it was between the arizona sunset and the california coral as both would look so good with a tan. Eventually I decided I might go off pink next year and so the tangerine type colour was a more solid choice. Emma  at Triangl helped me decide which size top and bottoms would be most suitable and the order was then with me within a few days. 

In terms of size I ordered a Medium on bottoms having read reviews saying that this size was best for a size 8. The medium was perfect and they gave good coverage meaning you won't have any awkward wedgies or find them falling down. I then went for the size L on top as this was the biggest size top for the style and although it just about covers the boobs I probably could have done with a size bigger if I'm honest. So, be warned if you have a big bust then get the biggest size! The colour delivered and managed to work with what's left of my tan. I think it's the neon that somehow makes the skin look browner, I don't know but it worked for me. The quality of the fabric makes the price of these bikinis so worthwhile. Not only do they have their trademark design but the neoprene fabric hugs the body in all the right places and makes it much more supportive. It also means it's not necessary to have extra padding which is great as some can be so thick. The fabric dried pretty quickly and although I haven't worn it in chlorine, it remained just as bright and in perfect condition after the saltwater at Camber Sands. 

The bikini is $79 and shipping costs $20 which converts to £58.44 which is so worth it. Yes, it's an expensive bikini but at the end of the day it's one you know you can keep for ages and it's going to last. 

What do you think of my choice? I have an underwear set on the way too and I can't wait to share it with you soon!