Thursday, 8 May 2014

MALLZEE mention


Today I'm sharing with you all an amazing new app that is perfect for anyone who loves a good browse online. And it's free! It's Mallzee, a personal shopper on your phone, on your tablet, wherever you go and you don't have to pay a thing! What's not to love? As I opened the app for the first time, I was given a brief intro explaining what to do and signed in through Facebook, so no long sign up questions to fill out- quick and convenient. I was then taken straight to the clothes. I didn't have to go through any more questions and the app is really easy to navigate and get to where you want to be. 

At first glance, it reminded me a little of the dating app Tinder as it features a swipe right if you love it, left it you hate it kind of system. It's lighthearted and I could easily lose self for hours in the app just swiping! 

So, you're probably wondering how it works like a personal shopper? Basically, the more you use the app and let it know what kind of thing you love, the more data it builds up and is able to show you the items mod suited to your style. It is up to date with fashion trends and your own likes and dislikes. It's such a good idea, you don't have to bother surfing the hundreds of websites through millions of products to find the items that match your style, it's all done for you. 'A personal shopper in your pocket' which is especially useful for us bloggers because we do like to browse and shop, A LOT…

To add to all that, Mallzee offers a social aspect. Once you're logged in any of your Facebook friends also on the app will appear and you can invite your friends to join. Once they're set up too, you can ask them what they think of the items you've saved and put it to a vote to help you decide. It's great fun and super helpful as whilst you're getting friends opinions, the Mallzee style team will also let you know what they think and you can ask for their advice. But, there is a catch, if your friends vote no, you can't buy the product unless you can persuade them that you really need it. Maybe, don't let your mum on the app if you want to buy anything ever again!

It also works in a similar way to Shopstyle in that you're able to use filters when you search so if you're looking for a new floral playsuit, Mallzee will bring you all the latest from the best stores and you're all sorted. The app sources the clothes from some of my favourite high street brands including Miss Selfridge, ASOS, Motel Rocks, Topshop but also offers the more high end high street shops like Reiss and Mango, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

Using the app, it just gets better and better and I can't wait to start getting more of my friends on the app to help me decide what to buy and what to avoid. Hopefully, this has persuaded you to download this amazing app and get started on more shopping, as if us girls need any more encouragement…

I really would recommend this and wouldn't have promoted it if I didn't honestly love it so get downloading!