Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wishlist: ASOS, Topshop, Zara, Missguided, New Look etc

From top left to right: 
Zara | Zara | ASOS | Missguided | ASOS 
Mango | Zara | Topshop | Missguided 
ASOS | ASOS | New Look | Topshop | New Look

Well, this wish list is definitely more of a wish than possible reality. There's no way i'll be able to buy many of these things, but i'll keep on dreaming anyway. 

So, I already did a post about sandals for the season, but I want more! These two pairs from Zara are both to die for. The first pair aren't really affordable at £69.99 but the black gems look amazing against the gold leather and they would be perfect for evenings on holiday. The second pair are affordable at £29.99, so I might have to go try them on and potentially buy them, the colour's so lovely.

I have been loving all things holographic recently and this ASOS clutch looks like the perfect size for daytime and for a night out. I definitely wouldn't be trying to squeeze my purse and flats in like I have to with some clutches! I am hoping it'll go into the sale as £25 is a bit steep for a clutch that isn't really essential.

Missguided have been bringing out some really affordable pieces and this blue checked dress is a bargain at £19.99 and with student discount too. It could be dressed up or down for day and night and I just can't stop buying baby blue clothes! Ok, so I may already have a few pink jumpers but I just keep coming back to this circle quilted one from ASOS because I love it so much. AND it's in the sale now for £21, how can I resist? The V-neck cut is completely different from most jumpers I own and it would be perfect paired with denim. 

I tend to be more of a skinny fit trouser kind of girl but recently I keep finding 'formal joggers' that catch my eye and they keep appearing in my shopping baskets. These mango and Missguided trousers both look formal enough to wear for work but also super comfy and on trend. The pink hits on the pastels trend and the black and white tick off monochrome and stripes… which would you choose? I also can't help but fall in love with all of Zara's mint green clothes at the mo, particularly these jacquard trousers which just look so flattering and versatile. As well as these, I've been eyeing up distressed and ripped jeans and this Topshop pair look just the right amount of ripped, but at £42 they aren't cheap!

Carrying on with the pastels (seems to be an ongoing theme), I've fallen for both the pink and mint ASOS scalloped shorts. I don't really have many shorts at the moment and this pair would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe as they look smart and long enough to cover the bum and the fit looks great. Only £20 each too! I love yellow, more the paler shades than the mustard and New Look's t-shirt is just £14.99 and looks fitted with 3/4 length sleeves which makes it a bit warmer for those chilly days. I mentioned this white sun top in my white trend post and it looks really cute and relaxed and I can imagine wearing it a lot throughout Summer.

Finally, I've been researching blazers recently as this Summer I'm doing an internship and need some smart jackets. Ideally, I'd have one in every colour, but for now I'd like a baby pink/blue one and I'm waiting for a white one I ordered on eBay to arrive. They instantly smarten up an outfit and work well for nights out too!

It's a bit of a big wish list, but what can I say? I love clothes, and no matter how much I buy it never seems to be enough...