Sunday, 30 March 2014

New Balance 574

I've never really been one for trainers and when this trainer trend began I didn't think I'd be buying a pair in a million years. But, recently I've been getting a bit fed up of how uncomfortable all my shoes seem to be and was craving a nice comfy pair. As I saw other people wearing New Balance, they grew on me and I couldn't resist having a look. 
I wanted a pair of shoes I could run in, as this Summer I'm doing the 5K London Colour Run with my housemates, but I also wanted them to fit in with everyday outfits. These navy and pink New Balance are super comfortable and I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but I like them. The pink adds a bit of colour to an otherwise plain trainer and the colours are quite versatile for outfits. I've been wearing them with turned up jeans and leggings recently!
At £42 in the ASOS sale, why not give them a try?
Are there any trainers you've been loving at the moment?