Saturday, 22 March 2014

Let me introduce myself

So, I wasn't really sure what to do for my first post but I thought the best way to start off is just telling you a little bit about myself and what I'm likely to blog about.

If you've read my 'About me', you'll know that I'm studying Fashion Marketing at university. I decided on this course after considering so many others like events management, fine art, and even accounting (yawn). I have always had a huge interest in fashion but I could never see myself doing fashion design so brought in my love of business. 

I had studied Art, Business studies and History at A-Level which gave me the chance to earn my place on this course. I have almost finished my first year, and it's gone so quickly… I can't quite believe it but I've had a great time! Especially on our course trip to Italy where I made some great friends and saw amazing places… there might be a post about the trip coming soon.

On the rooftop of Fendi, loving looking over Rome

I currently live in Winchester during term time and although I love how beautiful and cute the town is, the student accommodation isn't quite the same. Hey ho, I'll be out of it in a couple of months and moving back home over Summer. I can't wait!

Enough about me, onto the blog. I'm hoping to blog mainly about fashion: ootds, hauls, campaigns and collections, wishlists and style-related events, as well as letting you know which beauty products I'm loving. Hopefully this will take your fancy and I won't bore anyone too much with my ramblings! 

I am completely new to blogging and so forgive me for any mistakes I make, and please feedback on improvements I could make, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Anyway, I don't want to go on too much so I'll end this post here and the next one will be up very soon!