Saturday, 29 March 2014

Daily skin care essentials

As the weekend begins I'm excited to share with you my favourite skincare products that I swear by. I use all four of these products every single day and having problem-prone skin I find that they help reduce blemishes. 

A little bit about my skin… it's combination to oily and throughout my teenage years I've struggled with inflamed acne across some areas of my skin. I have suffered mainly around my forehead and temple areas as well as along my cheekbones and around my chin. I know it's not severe acne but there have been times when it's been really bad and times when my skin looks pretty clear. 

I've been prescribed so many different ointments and antibiotics by doctors and none of them really worked long term. I've gotten to the stage now where I'm fairly happy with the condition of my skin and I feel it's down to these products.

Cleansing is the first stage in my skincare routine and my cleanser of choice is this REN clay cleanser that is specifically for blemish-prone skin. I first heard about this during a series of light treatments I was having for my skin a couple of years ago. The salon recommended REN products and I began using this cleanser and straight away noticed an improvement in my skin. It really cleanses the skin deeply  and REN say it "combats the 3 key causes of breakouts and blemishes: excess sebum; build up of dead skin cells; blemish-causing bacteria... without harshness". I completely agree with their claims and feel like it is gentle, it smells great and it leaves the skin feeling clean. At £18 a bottle it isn't cheap, but buying from the REN website allows you to build up reward points and choose one product to get 10% off of every time. REN products are also sold at M&S who often have 20% off deals, so keep a look out, it's worth it! 
Best skincare out there!

Toning is the next step in my skincare routine. Unlike, the cleanser I have only started using this product in the last couple of months. Before this I was using a toner by the Bannatyne Spa. I ran out and wanted to try out another cheaper toner. The tea tree in this toner has antiseptic qualities so removes dirt and leaves skin clearer, closes pores and also mattifies the skin. When I use it I feel refreshed and it helps wake me up in the morning. My only problem with this is that swiping it over the skin on a makeup pad is potentially spreading any dirt that is left on my face so isn't as hygienic as using a spray on toner. I would definitely recommend this, especially if you're on a budget as it's a steal at just £5!

Having toned, I then apply moisturiser. I've used this for as long as I can remember as it works really well for oily skin and is pretty cheap. I buy it from Boots and normally buy it when they have 3 for 2 offers, so even more of a bargain! I never find I have problems with dry skin so it's definitely keeping my skin hydrated and it's really awakening!

This is the final step in my skincare routine before I apply my makeup. It works as a primer and is from the same collection as my toner so they work well in combination. It means it also has similar antiseptic properties and gets rid of any shine on my face by reducing oil. These four products prepare me for makeup and keep blemishes at bay and I find all four last a good few months if not more!

Hopefully this wasn't too long and some of you might try these products and get great results! Do you have any recommendations for blemishes and scars?